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A Full Toolset to Activate Hybrid Work at your organization

Events & Meetups

Engage Employees

At The Office & At Home

Incentivize desired behaviors like office attendance, work from home policies, training & development. 

Meetups & Event Templates

Notify others about company events and empower employees to create meetups. 

FlexOS Event Programming

Opt in to FlexOS event programming to give employees access to social, learning and professional development events. 

Social CRM

Understand Your Employees

Personalize Their Experience

FlexOS asks your employees key questions to understand who they are, how they work and what drives them to help build personalized engagement programming directly for them. 

Space Booking

Reserve Desks

Meeting Rooms & Phone Booths

See which spots are available and where your team is working today. Stay in control of which employee has access and facilitate social distancing.

Reduce Real Estate Costs

Implement efficient desk sharing guidelines based on key workplace analytics from FlexOS. 

Optimize Office Layouts

Understand how your offices and bookable resources are being utilized to prioritize the most popular types of spaces - like phone booths!

Check-Ins at Your Office Arrival

By Scanning Or Smart Lock

Schedule a Demo

Schedule a one on one session with our team to see FlexOS in action.