FlexOS Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Last updated 29 August 2022

These Terms of Use (“TOU“) together with any Order Forms, and any other exhibits, appendixes, or schedules attached thereto (collectively, the “Agreement“) set forth the terms under which you (our customers) may access and use the Services.

By submitting any Order Form, clicking your acceptance to the TOU or Agreement, or by using the Services, you signify that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement and that you have the full authority to enter into and bind the Customer to the Agreement.

FlexOS may modify the Agreement from time to time as described herein. Your continued use of the Services following such modifications shall constitute your consent to the modified Agreement.

You may not use or access the Services if you are a direct competitor of FlexOS unless explicitly agreed by FlexOS in writing. Furthermore, you may not use or access the Services for benchmarking or any other competitive purpose.

If you do not agree to all of the terms of the Agreement then you may not use the Services.

  1. Definitions

Capitalized terms not otherwise defined in the Agreement shall have the meaning specified in this Section 1.

  1. “Affiliate” means with respect to a Party, any person or entity that controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with such Party, where “control” means ownership of fifty percent (50%) or more of the outstanding voting securities.

  2. “Agent” or “Software” means FlexOS software, including but not limited to the application that runs in Customer’s operating environment and captures systems information, including but not limited to calls and events.

  3. “Anonymous Aggregated Data” will mean a data set that is derived from the combination of Customer Data, Customer Personal Data and with other data so that its results are aggregated and anonymized in such a manner that it is not identifiable in any way to any person or entity (including Customer) and cannot be reversed in any way to enable such connections.

  4. “Authorized User” means a named individual that: (A) is an employee, representative, consultant, contractor or agent of Customer or a Customer Affiliate; (B) is authorized to use the Service pursuant to this Agreement; and (C) has been supplied a user identification and password by Customer. Customer will be responsible for all access and use of the Service by the Authorized Users.

  5. “B2B Relationship Data” means any administrative, transactional or account related data or communications provided by or on behalf of Customer to FlexOS in connection with the creation, purchase, maintenance, or support of Customer’s account with FlexOS.

  6. “Codes” will mean any tags, SDKs, APIs, JavaScript, pixels, attribution or redirect links, cookies or other technology used or made available by FlexOS to Customer to support the provision of Services by FlexOS.

  7. “Customer Data” means any data or other information which is provided by (or on behalf of) Customer directly or indirectly to FlexOS in connection with the Services, Introductory Service or Beta Releases, including data that is collected by the Software, and will not include Customer Personal Data or Service Analytics as defined hereunder.

  8. “Customer Personal Data” means any Customer Data which (A) qualifies as “Personal Data” “Personal Information” “Personally Identifiable Information” or any substantially similar term under applicable privacy laws and (B) is processed by FlexOS on behalf of Customer in connection with the Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, Customer Personal Data will not include B2B Relationship Data or Service Analytics as defined hereunder.

  9. “Collection Technologies” means such Codes or similar data collection technologies that are used to collect Customer Data by FlexOS.

  10. “Codes” means any tags, SDKs, APIs, JavaScript, pixels, attribution or redirect links, cookies or other technology used or made available by FlexOS to Customer to support the provision of the Services by FlexOS, including any updates thereto.

  11. “Documentation” means the end user technical documentation provided with the Services, as may be modified from time to time.

  12. “License Entitlement” means the license quantity pursuant to which the Service is deployed by FlexOS, as set forth in an Order Form, which may be measured by the number of servers, agents, containers, hosts, or metrics, and may include time-based or usage based billing.

  13. “Open Source Software” means a program in which source code is made publicly and freely available for use and modification pursuant to certain license terms.

  14. “Order Form” means a document executed by and between FlexOS and Customer or electronically accepted by Customer that references this Agreement, purchase confirmation or any other document which details the Services to be provided by FlexOS, the fees associated therewith, and any other transaction-specific terms and conditions.

  15. FlexOS Entity means the entity with which you are contracting under this Agreement or any Order Form depends on where you are domiciled. 

  16. “Qualified Prior Payment” means a fee payable in advance for an agreed period by the Parties, and subject to FlexOS’ policy from time to time, such advance payment may be (A) discounted at a rate, and/or (B) refundable.

  17. “Statement of Work” or “SOW” means a statement of work or other such executed document that references this Agreement, whereby Customer engages FlexOS to perform certain training, consulting, technical account management, professional, or similar services related thereto.

  18. “Service” means FlexOS’s hosted service solution as specified on an Order Form, made available at FlexOS’s platform and other applications being developed or managed by FlexOS. The Service may include the use of certain Software, as applicable.

  19. “Specific Services” means the specific ordered Service, Support Services, and any of the training services, technical account management services, and/or consulting or other professional services, pursuant to one or more Order Forms and SOW(s), if applicable.

  20. “Support Services” means the maintenance and support services provided by FlexOS to Customer during the Subscription Term, as set forth on the Order Form.

  21. “Subscription Term(s)” means the subscription period(s) specified in an Order Form, during which Authorized Users may use the Service, subject to the terms of this Agreement.

  22. “Services Privacy Policy” means the privacy policy describing FlexOS’s privacy practices in relation to data collected through your use of the Service as available at: https://www.flexos.work/privacy/

  23. “Report” means the various attribution and analysis reports of Customer Data generated through the Service.

  24. “Update” is a Service release that FlexOS makes generally available to all FlexOS customers, along with any corresponding changes to Documentation. An Update may be an error correction or bug fix; or it may be enhancement, new feature, or new functionality.

  1. Order Form and Account Registration

    1. FlexOS shall provide Services to you as set forth in an Order Form. An Order Form shall become effective only upon its execution by an authorized signatory of both parties.

    2. In order to access and use the Services, you may need to register an account. Any information provided during such registration must be current, complete and accurate (“Registration Information“). You must ensure Registration Information is up to date at all times. You will at all times be responsible for maintaining the security of your account credentials and shall take all necessary steps to protect your account credentials from disclosure. You agree to notify FlexOS immediately upon learning of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security of your account.

  2. Access and Use Rights

    1. Subject to Customer’s payment of all fees due hereunder, FlexOS grants Customer a limited, non- exclusive, non-sublicensable, non transferable (except as specifically permitted in this Agreement) right to access and use the Service during the applicable Subscription Term, pursuant to the License Entitlement as set forth in the applicable Order Form, solely for Customer’s internal business purposes. This grant includes the right to implement the Software for use with the Service, if applicable. Customer may permit its Affiliates to use and access the ƒService and Documentation in accordance with this Agreement, but Customer shall be responsible for the compliance of all Affiliates with this Agreement, Documentation, and the Order Form(s).

    2. Customer shall not (and shall not permit any third party to): 

  1. sublicense, sell, transfer, assign, distribute or otherwise grant or enable access to the Service in a manner that allows anyone to access or use the Service without an Authorized User subscription, or to commercially exploit the Service; 

  2. use the Service to provide, or incorporate the Service into, any product or service provided to a third party without FlexOS prior written confirmation; 

  3. use the Service to develop a similar or competing product or service; 

  4. reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise seek to obtain the source code except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law (and then only upon advance notice to FlexOS); 

  5. copy, modify or create any derivative work of the Service or any Documentation; 

  6. remove or obscure any proprietary or other notices contained in the Service; 

  7. allow Authorized User subscriptions to be shared or used by more than one individual Authorized User (except that Authorized User subscriptions may be reassigned by Customer to new Authorized Users replacing individuals who no longer use the Service for any purpose); 

  8. publicly disseminate performance information regarding the Service; further, Customer shall not (and shall not permit any third party to) access or use the Service: to send or store infringing, obscene, threatening, or otherwise unlawful material, including material violative of third-party privacy rights and/or in violation of applicable laws; 

  1. to send or store material containing software viruses, worms, trojan horses or other harmful computer code, files, scripts, or agents; 

  2. in a manner that interferes with or disrupts the integrity or performance of the Service (or the data contained therein); 

  3. to gain unauthorized access to the Service (including unauthorized features and functionality) or its related systems or network; or 

  4. disable or bypass the measures that FlexOS may use to prevent or restrict access to the Service, or if applicable, use the Service in excess of the License Entitlement limits set forth in the Order Form(s).

  1. Beta Releases and Introductory Service

  1. From time to time, FlexOS may grant Customer access to “alpha”, “beta”, “technical preview” or other early-stage products (“Beta Releases”) which features are released as beta, and then refer to this part of the agreement. All new features added to FlexOS are generally considered to be beta releases for a period of 30 days to get feedback and discover improvements before they are fully released. News about Beta Releases may be shared via email or be found in FlexOS release notes in the Support Portal. 

  2. Customer will comply with all terms related to any Beta Releases as posted or otherwise made available to Customer. FlexOS may add or modify terms related to access or use of the Beta Release at any time. While FlexOS may provide assistance with Beta Releases in its discretion, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, CUSTOMER AGREES THAT ANY BETA RELEASE IS PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, SUPPORT SERVICES, MAINTENANCE, STORAGE, OR SERVICE LEVEL OBLIGATIONS OF ANY KIND. CUSTOMER FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT BETA RELEASES MAY NOT BE COMPLETE OR FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND MAY CONTAIN BUGS, ERRORS, OMISSIONS, AND OTHER PROBLEMS FOR WHICH FLEXOS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE. FlexOS makes no promises that future versions of a Beta Release will be released. Customer’s use of the Beta Release will automatically terminate upon the release of a generally available version of the applicable Beta Release or upon notice of termination by FlexOS.

  3. From time to time, FlexOS may make available one or more offers for use of an introductory tier of the Service at no cost (“Introductory Service”). Customer will comply with all terms, including applicable service, account and data retention limits related to any Introductory Service, all as posted or otherwise made available to Customer. FlexOS may add or modify terms related to access or use of the Introductory Service at any time. While FlexOS may provide limited support as further detailed in the documentation for the Introductory Service, CUSTOMER AGREES THAT ANY INTRODUCTORY Service IS PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. Customer further acknowledges that Customer, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, may upgrade to the Service at any time.

  1. Service Availability and Support Service

    1. Service Availability

      1. To ensure that customer have access to their data when they need it, FlexOS uses several levels of protection to provide customers with service availability (uptime) of 99%.

      2. FlexOS uses a third party to measure whether the Service is available.  Availability is calculated based on the following formula:

A = (T – M – D) / (T – M) X 100%


A = Availability

T = Total monthly minutes

M = Scheduled downtime

D = Downtime

  1. Support Service

    1. FlexOS will provide Support Services to Customer through the portal located at www.flexos.work/help or through other customer support center contacts, set forth at Clause 8 below (the “Customer Support Center Contact”). Customer will receive Updates, other software modifications or additions, procedures, or routine or configuration changes that may solve, bypass or eliminate the practical adverse effect of the Error. 

    2. The following aspects are covered by the Support Services:

      1. system service interruption/outage;

      2. system service updates/maintenance; and

      3. system service behavior that is not in line with what the customer’s users expect; 

    3. (Support regarding functionality) FlexOS will also provide general support and advice on FlexOS onboarding, best practices to help ensure a success FlexOS implementation. This general support is provided in the form of calls or video meetings with the FlexOS team once per month on request.

    4. Support Services do not include: 

      1. assistance in the development or debugging of Customer’s system, including the operating system and support tools; 

      2. information and assistance on technical issues related to the installation, administration, and use of enabling technologies such as databases, computer networks, and communications; 

      3. assistance with the installation and configuration of hardware including, but not limited to, computers, hard disks, networks, and printers; 

      4. technical support, phone support, or updates to non-FlexOS products or third party enabling technologies not licensed under the Agreement; or

      5. support for: 

        1. Software not operated on a supported hardware/operating system platform specified in the release notes or Documentation for the Software; 

        2. altered or modified Software; 

        3. problems caused by Customer’s negligence, misuse, or hardware malfunction; or 

        4. use of the Software inconsistent with FlexOS’s instructions. For the avoidance of doubt, FlexOS is not responsible for hardware changes necessitated by changes to the Software.

  2. Customer Support Center Contact

    1. Email 

Create support ticket via email to help@flexos.work.

  1. Portal 

Visit https://www.flexos.work/help to submit support tickets. You can also create a support account here that enables you to keep track of any tickets.

  1. Support Service Subscriptions

Pursuant to the Support Services Subscription purchased by Customer, as set forth in the Order Form, FlexOS will provide the following level of support services:

  1. Standard Support Services. Customer will have access to the Customer Support Center Contact in one of the geographical regions offered by FlexOS and selected by Customer, Monday through Friday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) in Customer’s selected region. Customer will be permitted, upon request, to change geographical region no more than once per calendar year. In the event Customer requires multi-regional Support Services coverage, Customer must purchase Premium Support. Submitted Errors will be classified by severity as set forth in the table below. Customer may assign two (2) Technical Support Contacts, which may contact the Customer Support Center Contact through any of the Customer Support Center Contacts, as set forth below. 

  2. Premium Support Services. Customer will have access to the Customer Support Center Contact 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Submitted Errors will be classified by severity as set forth in the table below. Customer may assign eight (8) Technical Support Contacts, which may contact the Customer Support Center Contact through any of the Customer Support Center Contacts, as set forth below. 


Customer will submit each ticket with a severity level designation based on the definitions in the table below. Severity response times do not vary, whether Customer contacts the Customer Support Center Contact via phone, email or portal. FlexOS will respond to such ticket in accordance with the severity designation within the time frame set forth below from the Start Time and validate Customer’s severity level designation or notify Customer of a proposed change in the severity level designation with justification for the change. FlexOS will provide continuous efforts to resolve Severity 1 issues until a workaround or resolution can be provided or until the incident can be downgraded to a lower severity. FlexOS will use reasonable efforts to meet the target response times for the Errors stated in the table below. FlexOS does not guarantee resolution and resolution may consist of a fix, workaround, software availability or other solution FlexOS deems reasonable.


Standard Support Services

Premium Support Services

Response Time

Response Time

Severity 1


Any Error in the Service causing the Service to be unusable, resulting in a critical impact on the operation of the Service and there is no workaround.

FlexOS will promptly: (i) assign a specialist to correct the Error; (ii) provide ongoing communication on the status of an Update; and (iii) begin to provide a

temporary workaround or fix.

12 hours

6 hours

Severity 2


An Error in a Service where the Service will operate but its operation is severely restricted. No workaround is available, and performance may be degraded, or functions are limited.

FlexOS will promptly: (i) assign a specialist to correct the Error; and (ii) provide additional escalated Support Services as determined necessary by FlexOS.

Response Time

Response Time

24 hours

12 hours

Severity 3


An Error in the Service where the Service will operate with limitations that are not critical to the overall operation, such as a workaround forces user and or a systems operator to use a time-consuming procedure to operate the system; or removes a non-essential feature.

FlexOS will triage the request and may include a resolution in the next Update.

Response Time

Response Time

36 hours

24 hours

Severity 4


An Error in the Service where the Service can be used with only slight inconvenience. All Service feature requests fall into this severity level.

FlexOS will triage the request and may include a resolution in the next Update.

Response Time

Response Time

48 hours

36 hours


  1. Confidentiality

    1. Each Party (as “Receiving Party”) agrees that all code, inventions, know-how, business, personal data, technical and financial information it obtains from the disclosing party (“Disclosing Party”) constitute the confidential property of the Disclosing Party (“Confidential Information”), provided that it is identified as confidential at the time of disclosure or should be reasonably known by the Receiving Party to be confidential or proprietary due to the nature of the information disclosed and the circumstances surrounding the disclosure. Customer Data, pricing information, FlexOS Technology, Beta Releases (including the existence of), performance information relating to the Services, Introductory Service or Beta Releases, and the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be deemed Confidential Information without any marking or further designation. Except as expressly authorized herein, the Receiving Party shall (A) hold in confidence and not disclose any Confidential Information to third parties and (B) not use Confidential Information for any purpose other than fulfilling its obligations and exercising its rights under this Agreement. 

    2. The Receiving Party may disclose Confidential Information to its employees, agents, contractors and other representatives having a legitimate need to know, provided that such representatives are bound to confidentiality obligations no less protective of the Disclosing Party than this Clause 10 and that the Receiving Party remains responsible for compliance by any such representative with the terms of this Clause 10. 

    3. The Receiving Party’s confidentiality obligations shall not apply to information that the Receiving Party can document: 

  1. was rightfully in its possession or known to it prior to receipt of the Confidential Information; 

  2. is or has become public knowledge through no fault of the Receiving Party; 

  3. is rightfully obtained by the Receiving Party from a third party without breach of any confidentiality obligation; or 

  4. is independently developed by employees of the Receiving Party without use of or reference to such information. 

  1. The Receiving Party may make disclosures to the extent required by law or court order, provided the Receiving Party notifies the Disclosing Party in advance and cooperates in any effort to obtain confidential treatment. The Receiving Party acknowledges that disclosure of Confidential Information would cause substantial harm for which damages alone would not be a sufficient remedy, and therefore that upon any such disclosure by the Receiving Party the Disclosing Party shall be entitled to seek appropriate equitable relief in addition to whatever other remedies it might have at law.

  1. Data and Privacy

    1. Customer retains full ownership of your Customer Data. Customer hereby allows FlexOS to collect, store, use and process Customer Data as set forth in the Agreement (including, specifically as described in the Services Privacy Policy).

    2. Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy, content and legality of all your Customer Data and agrees to comply with all applicable laws in its use of the Services, Introductory Service and Beta Releases. Customer represents and warrants that Customer has all necessary rights, consents and permissions to collect, share and use Customer Data as contemplated in this Agreement, without violation or infringement of any third-party intellectual property, publicity, privacy rights or any laws and regulations.

    3. Without limiting FlexOS’s obligations hereunder, Customer acknowledges that Customer is responsible for properly configuring and using the Service, Introductory Service and Beta Releases and otherwise taking reasonable action to secure and protect Customer accounts and Customer Data.

  2. Billing

    1. All fees are as set forth in the applicable Order Form and will be paid by Customer within seven (07) days of date of invoice, unless otherwise specified in the applicable Order Form or SOW. Except as expressly set forth in an Order Form or SOW: (A) save for Qualified Prior Payment, payment obligations are non-cancelable and fees are non-refundable; and (B) Customer may not decrease the License Entitlement or downgrade to the Introductory Service during the applicable Subscription Term. Where Customer designates use of a third-party payment processor network, Customer will be responsible for payment of all fees and charges associated with use of such network (including registration, participation, and payment processing fees) and FlexOS may invoice for such fees together with the subscription fees or on separate invoice(s). For Service subscriptions that are usage based, for overage incurred during the Subscription Term, FlexOS will calculate Customer’s monthly usage in accordance with the lower of: (A) overage rates set forth in the Order Form, or (B) the usage rates as posted or otherwise made available to Customer. In such event, FlexOS will invoice Customer based on the prior month’s activity. Such overage fees are due and payable immediately upon invoice

    2. For certain Service subscriptions, pay as you go billing may be made available to Customer. Unless otherwise set forth in an applicable Order Form: 

      1. FlexOS will calculate Customer’s usage and invoice Customer for the upcoming month’s activity;

      2. Customer will pay FlexOS the applicable the usage rates as posted or otherwise made available to Customer; 

      3. fees are due and payable immediately upon invoice; and 

      4. FlexOS reserves the right to increase the fees by giving Customer at least thirty (30) days prior written notice. FlexOS may bill Customer more frequently for fees accrued if the Customer account is suspected to be at risk of non-payment.

    3. Any Subscription fees unpaid by you by the due date shall thereafter bear interest at the rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum (or the maximum amount permitted by applicable law, whichever is less), during the period between the date the payment first becomes due and the date such amount is actually paid. Without derogating from any other remedies available to FlexOS under this Agreement or by law, if you have any outstanding debts in connection with any Services provided by FlexOS under any current or past Order Form, then, without affecting any of your payment obligations under the Agreement (including, any payment obligations under an Order Form) and without limiting any other rights that may be available to FlexOS under the Agreement, FlexOS shall have the right to suspend or cease performance of the Services until such debt is paid. All amounts owed to FlexOS are non-cancellable and fees paid are non-refundable, except as explicitly otherwise stated in the Agreement.

    4. FlexOS may use various billing service providers. When using such a provider’s services, you agree to be subject to, and to comply with, the terms and policies of such provider. FlexOS shall not be liable and/or responsible for any acts or omissions of such billing providers.

    5. All fees payable hereunder, do not include any local, state, or federal sales, use, excise, personal property, VAT or other similar taxes or duties, including, without limitation, any withholding tax, and any such taxes, to the extent legally applicable, shall be borne and paid by you. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall not be responsible for any payment of taxes based on FlexOS’s net income.

  3. Indemnification

    1. By FlexOS
      FlexOS shall defend Customer from and against any claim by a third party alleging that the Service when used as authorized under this Agreement infringes any trademark or copyright of such third party, enforceable in the jurisdiction of Customer’s use of the Service, or misappropriates a trade secret (but only to the  extent that such misappropriation is not a result of Customer’s actions) (“Infringement Claim”) and shall indemnify and hold harmless Customer from and against any damages and costs awarded against Customer by a court of competent jurisdiction or agreed in settlement by FlexOS (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) resulting from such Infringement Claim. FlexOS will have no obligation and assumes no liability under this Clause 9 or otherwise with respect to any claim based on: 

      1. if the Service is modified by any party other than FlexOS, but solely to the extent the alleged infringement is caused by such modification; 

      2. if the Service is combined, operated or used with any Customer Data or any Customer or third party products, services, hardware, data, content, or business processes not provided by FlexOS where there would be no Infringement Claim but for such combination; 

      3. to any action arising as a result of Customer Data or any third-party deliverables or components contained within the Service; 

      4. if Customer settles or makes any admissions with respect to a claim without FlexOS’s prior written consent; or 


    2. Remedies
      If Customer’s use of the Service is (or in FlexOS’s opinion is likely to be) enjoined, if required by settlement or if FlexOS determines such actions are reasonably necessary to avoid material liability, FlexOS may, at its option: 

      1. procure for Customer the right to use the Service in accordance with this Agreement; 

      2. replace or modify, the Service to make it non-infringing; or 

      3. terminate Customer’s right to use the Service and discontinue the related Support Services, and upon Customer’s certification of deletion of the Software (if any), refund prorated pre-paid fees for the remainder of the applicable Subscription Term for the Service. 

    3. By Customer
      Customer will defend, indemnify and hold FlexOS harmless from and against any damages and costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by FlexOS) finally awarded against FlexOS arising from or in connection with any claim alleging that FlexOS’s use of the Customer Data infringes a copyright, trademark, trade secret or breaches privacy, or publicity right of a third party. 

  4. Agencies and Partners

    1. If you are an agency or a party representing, or providing services for the benefit of, a third party (“Agency Client“), you represent and warrant that you are authorized to act on behalf of, and bind to this Agreement, that Agency Client (and upon our request shall provide evidence thereof). You further represent and warrant that such Agency Client has provided you with explicit permission to collect on its behalf and view Customer Data and that you shall use such Customer Data strictly in accordance with the permissions provided to you by such Agency Client and the terms of this Agreement. You shall ensure that each Agency Client agrees to the terms of this Agreement and agrees to abide by its terms, including without limitation, Section 5 (Privacy). You acknowledge and agree that: (i) FlexOS makes no representations or warranties for the direct or indirect benefit of any Agency Client; and (ii) you will not make any representations or warranties to such Agency Client on behalf of FlexOS. You shall take all measures necessary to disclaim any and all representations or warranties that may pertain to FlexOS, the Services, or use thereof. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend FlexOS, from and against any claims or actions and any related liability arising out of or relating to: (a) any representations and warranties made by you concerning any aspect of the Services to an Agency Client; (b) any claims made by or on behalf of any Agency Client pertaining directly or indirectly to your use of the Services; and (c) any claims with respect to acts or omissions of an Agency Client in connection with the Services.

    2. The Services enable you to measure and analyze your marketing campaigns with certain third parties that you work with, such as advertising networks, publishers and analytics providers (“Partners“). For such purpose, you may, through your configuration of the Services, direct FlexOS to share End User Data with, and receive data related to, End Users from Partners (“Shared Data“). Pursuant to the foregoing, you hereby grant FlexOS the right to share Shared Data with Partners and to obtain and process Shared Data from Partners. Customer acknowledges and agrees that: (i) the sharing of such Shared Data between FlexOS and Partners shall be enabled only to the extent supported by the Partner and FlexOS; (ii) any use of Shared Data by a Partner shall be subject to your own agreements with Partner; (iii) FlexOS shall have no liability or responsibility in connection with any actions or omissions by Partners; (iv) any use or processing of Shared Data may be subject to certain limitations and restrictions imposed by Partners including requirements by Partners to delete Shared Data they share with FlexOS after a certain period of time; and (v) that you will indemnify, hold harmless and defend FlexOS from and against any claims or actions or any related liabilities arising from your instructions to share Shared Data with a Partner. For the purpose of the Agreement (including the obligations under Section 5 hereunder) the term “End User Data” shall include Shared Data.

  5. Warranty Disclaimer






    1. Customer Data

As between the Parties, Customer shall retain all right, title and interest (including any and all intellectual property rights) in and to the Customer Data. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Customer hereby grants to FlexOS a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free right to use, copy, store, transmit, modify, create derivative works of and display the Customer Data solely to the extent necessary to provide the Services, Introductory Service and Beta Releases to Customer during the Subscription Term.

  1. FlexOS Technology

The Services, Introductory Service, Beta Releases, Documentation, including all copies and portions thereof, and all intellectual property rights therein, including, but not limited to derivative works, deliverables, Updates, enhancements and modifications therefrom (“FlexOS Technology”), shall remain the sole and exclusive property of FlexOS. Customer is not authorized to use (and shall not permit any third party to use) the FlexOS Technology or any portion thereof except as expressly authorized by this Agreement.

  1. Service Analytics

    1. FlexOS may process Service Analytics for internal business purposes in order to deliver, enhance, secure and support the Services, Introductory Service, Beta Releases and Software. Customer may have the ability to configure the Services, Introductory Service and Beta Releases (as applicable) to limit the Service Analytics that are collected. Customer may refer to the Documentation and/or Customer’s account representative for more information. For the purpose of this paragraph, “Service Analytics” means all information and data that the Services, Introductory Service, and Beta Releases generate or otherwise obtain from Customer’s use of the foregoing, including but not limited to usage statistics, telemetry and analytics and similar information, collected by cookies, web beacons, and other similar applications. 

    2. FlexOS may disclose the results of its analysis of the Service Analytics publicly or to third parties in connection with our marketing and promotion efforts, including but not limited to presentations, technical reports and whitepapers, provided that such results do not contain any personally identifiable information, or enable a third party to determine the source of such information.

  1. Term and Termination

    1. Term
      This Agreement will continue for so long as there is an Order Form in effect between the Parties or for so long as Customer is using the Introductory Service, unless earlier terminated pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

    2. Termination for Cause
      Either Party may terminate this Agreement (or any affected Order Form or Statement of Work) 

      1. upon the other Party’s material breach that remains uncured for thirty (30) days following written notice of such breach, except that termination will take immediate effect on written notice in the event of a breach of Clause 2.2 (Use Restrictions), Clause 2.4 (Use of Services Deliverables) or Clause 10 (Confidential Information); or 

      2. immediately in the event the other Party becomes the subject of a petition in bankruptcy or any other proceeding relating to insolvency, receivership, liquidation or assignment for the benefit of creditors (and not dismissed within sixty (60) days thereafter).

    3. Termination for Convenience
      Either Party may terminate this Agreement, Order Form(s) or Statement of Work, for any reason or for no reason, by providing the other Party at least thirty (30) days’ prior written notice. However, in the event of a Customer termination for convenience, Customer shall not be entitled to any refund or relief from payment of any fees paid or payable under the Agreement, applicable Order Forms or Statement of Work.

    4. Treatment of Customer Data Following Expiration or Termination
      Customer agrees that following termination of this Agreement, or termination or expiration of any Order Form, FlexOS may immediately deactivate Customer’s account(s) associated with the Agreement or applicable Order Form. During the thirty (30) day period following termination or expiration, FlexOS will grant a reasonable number of Authorized Users access to the Service for the sole purpose of retrieving Customer Data. Within a reasonable time thereafter, FlexOS will delete Customer Data from the Service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Customer understands that FlexOS may retain copies of Customer Data in regular backups or as required by law, which will remain subject to the confidentiality and security standards set forth in Clauses 10 and 11, respectively, for so long as Customer Data is retained by FlexOS. Customer acknowledges that the retention of Customer Data in the Service is at all times subject to FlexOS’s Service data retention policies which shall be made available to Customer upon request and are subject to update from time to time in FlexOS’s reasonable discretion, but in no event shall any such update result in a material reduction of Service data retention periods in effect during Customer’s applicable Subscription Term. Any “snapshot” of Customer Data therefore is inclusive of the FlexOS Service data retention policies in effect at the time of Customer Data retrieval.

  2. Modification to These Terms of Use

    1. FlexOS reserves the right to modify the terms of this TOU from time to time; provided that any such revised terms will only apply to an existing Subscription Terms upon the earlier of: (i) the next renewal of such Subscription Terms; or (ii) 30 (thirty) days from the date the notice of such change was posted on this page (or the FlexOS website) or otherwise provided to you.

  3. General Conditions

    1. Unless otherwise specified in the applicable Order Form, FlexOS may refer to Customer as one of FlexOS’s customers and use Customer’s logo as part of such reference, provided that FlexOS complies with any Customer trademark usage requirements provided by Customer. Upon reasonable request, Customer will serve as a reference account for FlexOS, provided, however, that FlexOS will provide Customer with reasonable notice and obtain Customer’s consent before scheduling any reference activity. Furthermore, if so specified in the applicable Order Form, FlexOS may either: 

      1. issue a press release announcing the relationship between FlexOS and Customer; or 

      2. submit a joint press release to Customer for Customer’s approval, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

    2. FlexOS and Customer will comply with all applicable laws and regulations with respect to performance under this Agreement, including, without exception all requirements of applicable state and federal privacy laws and regulations governing personally identifiable information, personal information, personal data and any other substantially similar term. Without limiting the foregoing, each Party acknowledges that it is aware of, understands and has complied and will comply with, all applicable Vietnamese and foreign anti-corruption (“Anti-Corruption Laws”). Each Party agrees that no one acting on its behalf will give, offer, agree or promise to give, or authorize the giving directly or indirectly, of any money or other thing of value, including travel, entertainment, or gifts, to anyone as an unlawful inducement or reward for favorable action or forbearance from action or the exercise of unlawful influence

      1. to any governmental official or employee (including employees of government-owned and government-controlled corporations or agencies or public international organizations);

      2. to any political party, official of a political party, or candidate;

      3. to an intermediary for payment to any of the foregoing; or 

      4. to any other person or entity in a corrupt or improper effort to obtain or retain business or any commercial advantage, such as receiving a permit or license, or directing business to any person. 

    3. Each Party represents and warrants to the other that neither it nor its Affiliates, nor any of its or their users, officers or directors, are persons, entities or organizations with whom the other Party is prohibited from dealing (including provision of software, products or services) by virtue of any applicable law, regulation, or executive order.

    4. Neither Party may assign this Agreement, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the other Party, provided that no such consent will be required to assign this Agreement in its entirety to (i) an Affiliate that is able to satisfy the obligations of the assignor under this Agreement or (ii) a successor in interest in connection with a merger, acquisition or sale of all or substantially of the assigning Party’s assets, provided that the assignee has agreed to be bound by all of the terms of this Agreement and all fees owed to the other Party are paid in full. If Customer is acquired by, sells substantially all its assets to, or undergoes a change of control in favor of, a direct competitor of FlexOS, then FlexOS may terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) days prior written notice. 

  4. Notice

Notices to a Party will be sent by first-class mail, overnight courier or prepaid post to the address for such Party as identified on the first page of this Agreement and will be deemed given seventy-two (72) hours after mailing or upon confirmed delivery or receipt, whichever is sooner. Customer will address notices to FlexOS Legal Department, with a copy to finance@flexos.work. Either Party may from time to time change its address for notices under this Clause 12.8 by giving the other Party at least thirty (30) days prior written notice of the change. 

  1. Miscellaneous, Applicable Law and Venue.

    1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore without regard to principles of conflict of law.

    2. FlexOS shall be excused from performance hereunder to the extent that performance is prevented, delayed or obstructed by causes beyond its reasonable control.

    3. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be reformed to the extent necessary to make it enforceable to the maximum extent permissible so as to affect the intent of the parties, and the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

    4. Neither Party will be in default or liable under this Agreement by reason of any failure in performance of this Agreement if such failure arises, directly or indirectly, out of causes reasonably beyond the reasonable control of such Party, including acts of God or of the public enemy, terrorism, political unrest, Vietnamese or foreign governmental acts in either a sovereign or contractual capacity, fire, flood, failure of third party connections, epidemic, pandemic or virus, utilities or networks, earthquake, hostile attacks, restrictions, strikes, and/or freight embargoes. 

    5. Any notices to FlexOS must be sent to finance@flexos.work. The failure of FlexOS to exercise or enforce any right or provision of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

    6. You may not assign or otherwise transfer any of your rights hereunder without FlexOS’s prior written consent, and any such attempt is void. FlexOS may freely assign its rights under this Agreement. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the respective successors and assigns of the parties hereto.