What is Hot Desking and Is It Right For Your Office?

What Is Hot Desking? The office environment has undergone significant transformations in the last two years, with companies promoting a more flexible work culture rather than strict 9-5 schedules. Not only do flexible work arrangements allow employees freedom in choosing where and when to work, but they also offer companies to adopt cost-saving and resource-efficient […]

APAC: Essential Hybrid Work Statistics

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APAC: Essential Hybrid Work Statistics Asia is the region that dominates the world’s economy and has the potential to fuel and reshape the next normal. During the pandemic, organizations and employees in Asia realized the advantages of remote work. Most companies moved towards a hybrid work model, working partially in the office and partially remotely. […]

5 Powerful Strategies to Enhance Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement refers to the extent to which the employees of an organization are willing to devote their intellectual and behavioral abilities toward successfully achieving the organization’s goals and objectives. In the current era of hybrid work systems being adopted around the globe, there is a need to engage employees in their work now more […]

Office Design, Employee Wellbeing, And More

Office Design, Employee Wellbeing, And More

FlexOS recently held a webinar to gather insights on what are some of the biggest pain points that employers are facing in their hybrid workplace and workforce. From our poll with the attendees, 3 of the biggest concerns of HR practitioners are the design of the hybrid offices, building connection and community in a hybrid workplace, and the […]

Drive Successful Collaboration in Hybrid Work

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Originally, companies mostly feared lost productivity due hybrid work. This didn’t seem to materialize, and in fact, 94% of employers said productivity stayed the same or improved in the months following the lockdowns. What does (understandably) seem to suffer however is collaboration: over 70% of HR professionals said they were more concerned about employee collaboration […]

Foster Trust & Communication in Hybrid Work

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Building and maintaining trust between employees and employers becomes more challenging when employees see their peers and leaders less. Increased communication is key but companies are not used to it. Poor communication has been cited as the main factor in employee morale issues. Beyond impacting morale, lack of communication can lead to confusion and isolation […]

How to Get People (Back) Into the Office – Hybrid Work Tips

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A wide body of research shows that when we’re physically together, we more easily create, share understanding, feel connected, and collaborate. Even with video meetings, this can’t be replaced. So for most companies, getting people to come into the office still makes sense.  However, recent research from Microsoft shows that 38% of employees say their […]

Driving & Training Change for the Hybrid Workplace

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A new way of working means training is required for both managers and employees. According to DELL research, 60% of managers in Asia-Pacific say they’re not ready to manage hybrid teams.  Problems include a lack of clarity on scope and deadlines, distorted communication, and other topics outlined in this paper. In the office, good leaders […]

Measure & Increase Your Hybrid Guidelines Adherence

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Recent research from Microsoft shows that only 28% of companies have established team agreements to clearly define what’s expected. Good hybrid guidelines or policies clearly document when and how often employees should come to the office. Additionally, they codify how employees are expected to engage with each other, their managers, and the company. It includes […]

9 Tips for Successful Hybrid Workplaces

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Hybrid work is a very new phenomenon for most companies, and getting started isn’t easy. Writing clear hybrid guidelines is definitely the first step. What’s next? The following tips will help you on your way. 1. Shift from attendance-focused to output-focused Companies can no longer use attendance as the measure for employee engagement and performance. […]